Wk 2- Plaster Casting

Unfortunately I was not able to do the plaster casting due to being sick for the past week and not being able to get the supplies. However, I have done a similar project before in high school. I went to a creative and performing arts high school and was also a part of ASB so when advertising for events, it would be necessary to think of creative way to do so. One of those ways would be to make different molds which related to the theme of the event we were sponsoring. For example, one of our dances was Under the Sea themed so we made small fish molds to put around school and into classrooms to make students curious about what’s going on. This would also be a simple and fun way to market various events at CSULB or for someone’s work or just for art. Another piece of art that utilized plaster is an installation piece that was placed in my high school done by a friend of mine. This one was the result of a mold made by someone’s upper body to depict suffering and sinking into the ground. What the plaster did was lack color and the lack of color showed a lack of identity for the mold, deepening the subjective interpretation of the piece.


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