More than just Snapchat

When using Snapchat, I don’t normally think of it as an art form; however, I realized that art is subjective and anyone can do it. Snapchat allows its users to become artists without even realizing that they are one through its many different features: emojis, drawings, and filters. I typically use it to take silly selfies, show off my outfits, or to draw out my mood. I have realized that a lot of people use it to show off their day or friends to make it seem like their activities are fun so people can assume more about their lives. Snapchat style is another factor that I have observes. There are either certain filters or drawings that people add to their pictures. For example, when I use snapchat, I tend to use the filter which makes my pics cooler(color wise) and draw on with pastel colors or non-typical emojis. Usually I don’t add any drawings or filters to photos I take when I’m out. I enjoy taking photos from various compositions and making use of the natural colors and shapes that I see. This is definitely different for everyone and it is interesting to have different individuals as friends to observe these differences.


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