Wall Writers


Watching Wall Writers was definitely an interesting experience for me. As someone who has always appreciated graffiti art from the age of 6, I never really thought about the origins or history of the art. I would just write bubble letters and fill them in with bright colors without much thought about why I am so interested in this art. When watching Wall Writers, I definitely didn’t expect what was shown. These writers didn’t consider themselves artists and I was expecting to be taught about artists rather than taggers. However, it is extremely interesting to see how an artform has grown from something so simple to something noticed around the world on walls and communities everywhere.

As an aspiring filmmaker, specifically documentaries, it was inspiring to see all the work and initiative that needed to go into this project. Art takes a long time to produce and learning that this film took 7 years to make with almost a lifetime of gathering information, is extremely motivating yet tiring. Roger Gastman discussed how he couldn’t get in contact with the people in the film right away and that he had to do extensive research to receive a majority of footage in the film. This is particularly disheartening because although I have worked on smaller projects, I hope to cover topics in pop culture along with various social justice issues in the future and did not realize the amount of work that goes into making a film so informational and entertaining. However, I am still motivated to work hard and I was only inspired through this process because it is an art form that Gastman is passionate about. Because of this, I learned that passion is all it takes to be successful and make something beautiful.


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