Zines and Things

Although I read about the LA Art and Book Festival, it was definitely more than I expected. Due to my extreme lack of funds and a car, I used the metro to get to Little Tokyo and walked a bit to reach my destination. At first sight, I knew I was where I belonged when I saw everyone dressed in their own unique styles and able to appreciate all the art and literature that surrounded us. I was also extremely astounded by the crowd because I felt like I fit in extremely well. The big building yet small spaces was a bit overwhelming but luckily I was alone and able to wander where I wanted with ease.

Recently, zines have become my favorite art form. It’s modern twist on magazine stills that provoke much emotion and cover a variety of topics such as social justice, politics, and sexuality really interests me. All of the art I saw seemed familiar despite me not knowing who the artists are or where the work is from. However, everything I saw reflected all the art and literature I follow on my own time that I see online. I also saw a few booths that really covered specific issues such as feminism which is really important to me. The art was beautiful and the artists were extremely passionate and inspiring to talk to. Unfortunately, I was unable to buy any merch because I couldn’t afford it but I made sure to get business cards so that I can look back at all the amazing artists I spoke to and the art I saw from all over the world.

From all the times I’ve been going to LA, the LA Art and Book Fair has become my favorite event, hands down. I felt relatable to the people and art there and everything from the photo books, zines, mixtapes, and t-shirts really piques my interest. Next time I hope to spend more time and even multiple days at the fair and to share the beauty of everything there with others.


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