Wk 5-Artist Conversation-Kristi Jenson

Artist: Kristi Jenson
Exhibition: Fuse: Joined to Form a Single Entity
Media: Metal: steel, copper, silver
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East
Instagram: whipperton

Kristi Jenson who is getting her BFA in Metal & Jewelry is graduating this fall. Although she has only been working with metal for about 2 years, she originally started sculpting and realized that metal is what she enjoys working with the most. In general, her pieces would take about 3 weeks to finish depending on its complexity. The process will begin with a sketch to a paper model then to working with metal. When Kristi isn’t working with metal, she enjoys watching The Walking Dead, knitting, or reading but especially enjoys the hammering, sawing, and fire work that working with metals involve.

The work Jenson showcased utilized copper and very natural colors; this accentuates the minimalist yet eye-catching pieces. She states that she enjoys the precise technique of working with metal and how the process is forgivable. This is evident in her pieces as it is very clean and smooth. The scales of her pieces vary and she is interested in working on both small and large scale pieces. Eventually, she hopes to showcase her art on tables that she has made herself even though she is currently focusing on jewelry.

Jenson speaks about how one the aspects she would like to work on, is her artistry. She has trouble naming her works and doesn’t necessarily have certain themes to connect them with. However, that doesn’t mean her work doesn’t evoke certain emotions or grab the attention of her audiences. A reason why she enjoys working with metal so much is because she enjoys setting things on fire and hammering them. I find this interesting because just by looking at any kind of metal art, it isn’t evident that that is how the process is due to its smooth lines and beauty.

I particularly found Jenson’s work beautiful. She made pieces that cannot only be showcased but also worn or placed in homes. It’s natural colors and smooth lines really caught my attention and made me interested in her other pieces.


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