Wk 6: Photowalk

Although it was a hot day, the walk was enjoyable and I was able to experience a new side of campus that I have never experienced before. With my photos, I wanted to use only a square set because I wanted to remain consistent and portray similar compositions and color schemes. Because I haven’t been to the Japanese Friendship Garden on campus, I wanted to make that and its nature my focus. This was the last place we went to so I was a bit hot and tired once the destination was reached; however, the atmosphere made the trip worth it. When I do go out to natural sceneries, I like to focus on what can easily go unnoticed or the details that aren’t paid attention to from afar which is what I depicted in my photos. I also edited the photos to match a specific, warm color to match the heat of the day.

I really did enjoy the experience during the photo walk, however, I feel as if I wasn’t necessarily guided but just told information about certain places that I could’ve easily found myself rather than interesting facts. I feel as if I were to do it again, I would go just to the Japanese Friendship Garden and go into specific details about it for a group so that those visiting can take in the scenery and appreciate the beauty rather than just walking through it.


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