Wk 7-Artist Conversation

Artist: Mimi Haddon
Exhibition: Catching Air
Media: Fiber Art
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery
Website: http://www.mimihaddon.com/

Mimi Haddon is a current graduate student who is majoring in fiber art. She received her bachelors 20 years ago in graphic design and since then worked briefly in graphic design then went into fashion photography. This eventually led to her interest in fiber art and installations as she was working more closely with fabrics and costumes. Although she is currently pursuing her masters in fiber art, she is still heavily involved in fashion photography and is working on a coffee table book with a large costume company. Although she has been working on art for so long, she didn’t necessarily consider herself an artist until after her kids were born in her 30’s where she began to work more hands on.

Haddon utilizes very tangible items which can be found everywhere. Her art which is made of simple, everyday items, is brought together in order to create bigger pieces which illustrate more elaborate structures. Haddon also mentions her love for color and her interest in only using full saturation against natural hues in her pieces whether its her photography or her installations. By looking at her work, you can tell that it’s very vibrant and large scaled which also fits to her vibrant personality.

When growing up, Haddon was terrified of scary movies but found interest in the The Shining and its abstract qualities. Throughout her artistic career, she has grown to enjoys brighter and bigger things. She also expresses her interest in biology and cellular makeup. This inspires her art through the unusual shapes formed by growing cells and structures. This is evident in her art that she takes a lot of inspiration through the building blocks of life itself.

When I am looking for art, I don’t necessarily look for bold and bright pieces. I am usually more attracted to neutral colors. However, the specific colors and materials Haddon utilized really caught my attention. Because of its playful and abstract qualities, it somewhat reminded me of my younger siblings back home. This made me nostalgic and allowed me to adore the piece at a more reminiscent pace along with appreciating its artistry instead of being attracted to its piece solely on its aesthetics.


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