Wk 9-Artist Conversation

Artist: Sean Joy Cabanig
Exhibition: All Work All Play
Media: Metal and Jewelry
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

Fifth year Sean Joy Cabanig who is receiving her BFA in Metal and Jewelry this Spring showcased a series of her collections throughout her time at CSULB in her gallery, All Work All Play. She is currently working at Michael Schmidt Studios and is trying to decide whether or not she would like to continue working in a studio or elsewhere once she graduates. She considers herself to pretty much be a lifelong artist. Her father recognized her talent at a young age. Although she started off with drawing, she eventually went to photoshop in high school and realized that she wanted her art to be more hands on in college. Although she grew up with the Filipino stereotype where many children go off to be nurses or engineers, she can’t imagine herself in any other major.

In her work that she showcased, she mostly showed abstract pieces which involved jewelry or small metal sculptures. Much of her work involved smooth kinetics and silver or copper colors. Her art display a variety of ideas and personalities but all show very obvious similarities. Through her art, she shows preciseness and versatility because she works on what various projects ask of her.

Inspiration for Sean Joy’s work comes a lot from humor, the environment, emotion, and people which is prevalent in her art. From the minimalist colors to the kinesthetics of a finger brace to the simplicity yet humor behind a small penis sculpture, Sean Joy’s ability to show off different sides of her really shines through. Her style also accentuates how she describes her work as cool to serious to humorous. By showing a compilation of her work from her career at CSULB, she is also able to show how she has grown throughout her process and how her work has developed yet her ideas and style has remained constant.

I personally enjoys Sean Joy’s versatility and minimalism. She is able to pursue various ideas yet stick to her own style which is difficult when trying to achieve tasks that are asked of you opposed to being self motivated. I especially identified with her a someone growing up in a Filipino household and instead of being pressured to go into the medical or engineering field, decided to pursue media and liberal arts. It is extremely rare even now to find Asian-American students who are able to do so.


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