Wk 15-Artist Conversation

Artist: Jamie Strassenburg
Exhibition: Intuit Mythos
Media: Illustration
Gallery: Merlino
Website: http://www.jamiedraws.com/about/

Jamie Strassenburg is an illustrator from Orange County. Since she was young, she learned how to use photoshop which got her into digital art. Since that time, she has been able to explore a number a medias that involve digital art like 3D modeling and video game design. This exhibition was inspired by a Native American Art History class she took and also revolves around her interest in fantasy and anthropology.

The process of her work includes a drawing tablet and photoshop. Although her art is done through digital media, the details of her work are tremendous. She spends about 30-40 hours on each piece in order to get the story of her work through where about 90% of it is done through photoshop. Each piece is clean and smooth through the fine outlines of her bodies and the blending of each color in her artwork.

Strassenburg’s inspiration by Native American artwork is prevalent through her style. She focuses on fantasy and personifies nature and celestial bodies. She considers herself to be a storyteller and does so through the details of her work. Each specific character has their own story and personality. She is also inspired by the Intuit Native Americans and their mythology and wants to be able to spread cultural anthropology through her work.

This exhibit was very interesting for me. Her work was really detailed and the amount of work put in for each piece was mindblowing. It’s hard to imagine most of it was done through photoshop. I find it rare for more modern artists to be inspired by different cultures and it’s interesting to see artists take mythology, history, and culture into their art to share. I can see her stories and art going through much more than just pictures but even into video game design and its plot.


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