Wk 5- Classmate Conversation-Justin Marquez


Justin Marquez is a first year computer engineering major from Glendale. Although he isn’t far from Long Beach, he currently dorms on campus to get the full college experience. He was never really interested in art but he took an art class in high school and is learning more through this class. When not going to school, he enjoys basketball and his favorite TV show is The Office.


A Conversation with Kyu Lee


Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Kyu Lee. She’s a senior graduating this spring with a degree in technical theatre. I found this particularly interesting because she’s the first person I’ve met who is as interested in theater as I am. Although she is a technical theatre major, her work involves designing light and sound sets. When I asked if she would want to work with theatre productions, she explained that most jobs would be found in the music business such as musicals or concerts. She also expressed her enjoyment for music and that her favorite musical is Cabaret and her favorite artists are Alicia Keys and Michael Jackson. Even though she does intend to work in technical theatre, one of her other dream jobs is to become a flight attendant and at the moment, she works at an airport.  Aside from what she does for school and what the aspires to be, she is from Torrance and has been living in the US for 12 years when she is originally from South Korea. To her surprise, we found out that we both us a Korean messaging app called Kakao so we can now communicate through there! She is definitely fun to talk to and her kind demeanor makes her a great friend!

A Conversation with Ashley Batres


Today I spoke with Ashley Batres, a second year political science major(once a mechanical engineering major) from Newport Beach with a Central American background. With her outgoing, fun, and kind personality, it would be a shame if you were to miss her. Like most college students, she enjoys trying new foods, exploring the city, and taking every opportunity to not stay in. However, when she is home, you can find her chilling with her brother while watching every single episode of Chopped on Netflix. Catch her walking to class(maybe a little late) while listening to Drake or with her sisters of Tri Delta!